Stephanie & Karl

Karl's been one of my oldest friends.  As long as I can remember he's been one of the most genuine good people I've known. I would have been sickened if he asked someone else to photograph his wedding, I might have even ruined the wedding and fought another photographer even if it meant I upset his wonderful family.  But I would have thought twice because I'd never want to upset Stephanie, I just like her too much.  Since I met her about a year ago she's welcomed me like a friend she's known about as long as I've known Karl (which I won't say how long here and give away his age, he's older than me).  

Luckily, he asked me to shoot his wedding and I couldn't have been more grateful to be a part of the day, instead of just sitting at a table eating great food, drowning in margaritas and tiring my feet on the dance floor.  Thanks Karl I love ya man!

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Vince & Claudia

When a friend asks you to photograph a member of their families wedding it adds a bit more pressure to make good photos, but just after spending a few moments with Vince and Claudia any sense of pressure went away.  They along with their families and friends were so easy to be around its like I was just there to ride horses, eat churros and take some photos.  Here's a few of those photos.

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